Student Services

LCI Brochure

Student Services Brochure

Basic Services:

  • Immigration and visa assistance:
  • Counseling for academic placement and admission
  • Transcripts and school records
  • Certificates of attendance and participation for students in good standing
  • Health insurance information
    • Medical insurance is strongly recommended for all immigrant and non-immigrant students in the United States
    • LCI has information about medical coverage for students and their dependents
  • Orientation online and through in person meetings
  • Michigan Driver's License application assistance


FERPA & Students' Rights

Although Language Center International does not receive funds under any program of the U.S. Department of Education, its Board of Directors believes that it is in the best interests of its students to comply with FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). Its students shall, therefore, be considered “eligible students” under FERPA with all the rights associated thereto.

Under FERPA an eligible student has:

  1. the right to access his/her education records
  2. the right to request amendment of those records
  3. the right to have control over disclosure of personally identifiable information from those records ( See FERPA regulations for exceptions to this right)
  4. the right to file a complaint with the United States Department of Education regarding a school’s failure to comply with FERPA

Under FERPA regulations, information in a student’s record cannot be given to any member of the student’s family, the student’s husband or wife, a friend, or sponsor without written permission from the student. Students can sign a FERPA permission to release information form available in the Administrative Office whenever they wish to give permission to Language Center International to discuss and/or provide information from their educational records to the individual(s) or organization(s). This permission may be canceled at any time by a student by written notification to the Registrar.