LCI is located at 17515 West Nine Mile Road, Ste 600, Southfield, Michigan. It occupies the six floor of Nine Mile Crossing Building. The school is divided into two sections: Classrooms and the Main Administrative Office. The classroom section has several classrooms, a small computer lab, a tutoring room, and a student lounge. The classroom section has wireless Internet access throughout. The Main Administrative Office is located across from the elevators. Enrollment, admissions, transfers, counseling, immigration issues, book sales, and payments are handled in the Main Office. The teachers' room is also located in the main office. There is ample, free parking around LCI's building, including the top floor of the parking structure. There is one main entrance and as well as an entrance on each side of the building. A small cafe which offers soups, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and beverages is located on the first floor.