Translations and Interpreting

Translating and Interpreting are separate services which have been provided by Language Center International to both its students and the general public since 1989. These services are not connected to the educational programs of Language Center International and are outside the scope of the institution’s accreditation. Translating and interpreting services are not accredited by ACCET.

LCI is listed on the State of Michigan’s Translator Resource List and belongs to MITIN (Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network).


  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

Arranging for Services

Translation and interpreting services may be arranged by email ( or telephone (248 355-5506).

Completion of a translation request form or an interpreting services request form is highly recommended in order for the LCI staff to provide a prompt response to a request for services.

Copies of documents for translation must be submitted in order to verify costs and completion times.

Confirmation of services

Please allow up to 24 hours for confirmation of services as many interpreters and translators are independent contractors who do not work on-site at LCI.

Limitations of Services

  1. Language Center International will not undertake any translation or interpreting assignment without first verifying that:
    1. it has individuals available for completion of the assignment;
    2. it is able to complete the assignment within the specified timeframe;
    3. a potential client has approved both the price and completion date.
  2. Language Center International cannot change the spelling of any name in documents presented for translation regardless of typographical errors or obvious inconsistencies with other documents available for verification of information.
  3. Language Center International cannot change the spelling of any name based on client request.
  4. Language Center International cannot change the content of any document presented for translation based on client request.
  5. Language Center International informs all potential clients that all information contained in documents must be translated including seals, stamps and annotations.
  6. Language Center International will refuse to translate any document for which the client requests a translation of limited or selected information.

Interpreting Services

LCI provides interpreters for professional, medical, and legal assignments. Twenty-four hour notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling at no charge. A "no-show" fee is charged if the client fails to appear for the appointment. A thirty-dollar travel fee is assessed per assignment for each interpreter. Standard fees are as follows:

  • Travel fee: $30 or standard IRA mileage rate
  • No show fee: $85
  • Late cancellation fee: $85
  • Interpreting fee: $60 per hour* (some languages may require a higher per hour fee)
  • Court/Simultaneous Interpreting: $90-$150 per hour


LCI is listed with the Michigan Secretary of State to provide translations of identification documents. Standard translations typically cost $30-$50 per page, but prices vary depending on the language to be translated, the type of document, and the length of the document. For non-technical translations the minimum charge is normally $30 per document. Clients are informed of all costs for both non-technical and technical documents before a translation is started. Commonly translated non-technical documents include: Driver's Licenses; Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates; Passports and National ID Cards; National Voter Registration Cards; Military Service ID Cards, School Records, Transcripts, Diplomas, and Certificates; and Vaccination Records. Email LCI for more information.

Two copies of a translation shall be given to a client upon completion of an assignment.

Clients requesting additional printed copies shall be charged a minimal fee of $5.00 per page.

Corrections to translated documents

  1. Language Center International will make corrections to any of its typographical errors or errors of omission at no charge to the client.
  2. Language Center International will only make corrections to any of its typographical errors or errors of omission within one month of completion of the assignment.
  3. Language Center International will re-issue corrected documents at no charge to the client.


Payment are made to Language Center International in the form of:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card
    1. Visa
    2. Mastercard
    3. Discover
    4. American Express
  3. Money Order
  4. Personal Check

Clients may request that translations which have been paid for be mailed and/or sent electronically. Mailing shall be by regular US Postal Service. Express mail, FedEx or other mail services are available at the client’s expense. No document shall be mailed unless the translation is paid for in full.