Mission Statement and Core Beliefs


Language Center International is dedicated to providing quality English as a Second Language training for academic or personal purposes to speakers of other languages and to promoting American and global cultural understanding in a supportive educational environment.


  • All languages and cultures must be respected and valued.
  • All students deserve the opportunity to learn.
  • All students have potential for progress.
  • Students must be guided to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Participation requires active mental involvement in class activities.
  • Learning is more likely to occur when the learner feels relaxed and emotionally connected with the people in his/her learning environment.
  • Curricula should support clearly defined learning objectives.
  • Instructors have a responsibility to plan and execute effective lessons which support course objectives.
  • Activities that support student interaction and productive language use should be used to meet course objectives.
  • Technology provides useful learning tools, but technology should never replace human interaction in the learning process.
  • Successful instructors are flexible in their methods of instruction, bearing in mind that learning takes place in both a traditional and non-traditional environment.
  • Students’ learning styles, cultural backgrounds, existing skill sets, knowledge levels, needs and goals should be taken into account in classroom methodologies, assessments and all interactions with students, whether verbal or written.
  • Assessments should be varied, on-going and performance-based.
  • Continuous professional development should be supported and is essential to best teaching practices.
  • Our future success depends on working for continuous improvement with a desire to learn, an openness to adjust our core beliefs based on new knowledge, a consistent application of evaluation and analysis, and a willingness to take risks consistent with our beliefs.